• Stability Analyser

    The Turbiscan Lab allows the identification and quantification of destabilisation phenomena 50 times faster than visual observation.
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  • Particle Size Analysers

    The S3500 features a Tri-Laser optical design to provide particle size distribution data with unsurpassed resolution.
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  • Dissolution Testers

    The DIS 6000 provides an uncluttered design with two rows of 3 vessels, which are heated in a water bath by an independent heater/circulator.
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  • Thermal Analysers

    Thermal Analysis is the term used to describe the analysis of the physical and chemical properties of a sample as a function of temperature or time. The sample is subjected to a temperature program, which consists of a series of pre-selected segments, in which the sample is heated or cooled at a constant rate or held at a constant temperature.
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News And Events

  • We are hiring - Product Specialist +

    We are hiring - Product Specialist

    Jumpstart your career with Omega Scientific! We have been in the instrumentation industry for 35 years.

    As part of the Sales team, you will be making visits to our existing customers. You will be providing applications support and technical assistance based on your customers' needs.

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  • Raptor LC Columns +

    Restek Logo

    Providing the speed of superficially porous particles (commonly referred to as SPP or "core-shell" particles) with the resolution of Ultra Selective Liquid Chromatography technology for fast, efficient method development.

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